Dr. Forstmeier Health Care Consulting

Dear Reader,

Dr. Forstmeier Health Care Consulting focusses on two major issues: Support of health care start ups in strategic and tactical marketing and support of players in the field of market access in Germany in the light of AMNOG requirements.

Strategic markting support:

e.g. market assessment - positioning- development of USP - core communication - product development - long term strategic marketing plan

AMNOG requirements

e.g. market assessment - detailed information on competitive processes and results - strategic considerations on individual product developments - optimisation of current clinical data for preparation of benefit dossier - proof reading of benefit dossiers step by step - conduction of mock up hearings -

in case you are interested in receiving more information in English language please contact me directly:

  • Dr. Leonhard Forstmeier
    Dr. Forstmeier Health Care Consulting
    Weingartstraße 34
    D-41464 Neuss
    Mobile: +49 176 70758237
    Email: lf@forstmeier-consulting.com